Casa del Niño

Uvita Montessori School

At Casa del Niño we aim to provide high-quality, bilingual (Spanish and English environment), comprehensive education that fosters your child’s love of learning and addresses the whole child academically, emotionally, and socially.

“The most important period of life is not the age of university studies, but the first one, the period from birth to the age of six. For that is the time when man’s intelligence itself, his greatest implement, is being formed.”

—Dr. Maria Montessori

Classroom Environments

Toddler Environment – 18 months to 3 years

Your toddler has a once in a lifetime opportunity to absorb information from the environment, like a sponge. That’s why Montessori for toddlers is more than just childcare: we provide a toddler with the ideal environment to make the most of this irreplaceable period of time.

Primary – 3 to 6 years

The most important time for learning is the period between birth and six years of age. Children are eager to learn from new people and experiences. They absorb all the environment has to offer and it is our responsibility to ensure the world they experience is rich, safe, nurturing, and intelligent. The foundation of self-esteem and all future learning is constructed during these early years and the Primary-Elementary Full Programs are designed to take advantage of this powerful, formative period.

Elementary – 6 to 9 years

In the Elementary program, students begin to move away from concrete materials and develop an ability to think abstractly as developmentally dictated. Learning tools in the Elementary classroom take on multiple and more sophisticated uses. The integrated curriculum includes: reading, language arts, geography, music, art, mathematics, spelling, history, botany, zoology, physical science, physical education, social studies, field trip.

What parents are saying…

My son struggled with traditional schools, after being a toddler who loved to learn. As soon as he started Casa del Niño Uvita Montessori, he found his passion again. We are so grateful for the support staff and teachers.

― Courtney, Primary (3-6) Parent

We are so grateful to have found Casa del Niño Uvita Montessori School. It is exactly what we were looking for, and we are so happy with how the teachers care about each individual child. There is nothing like this in Uvita.

― Caeri, Primary (3-6) Parent

“At some given moment it happens that the child becomes deeply interested in a piece of work; we see it in the expression on his face, his intense concentration, the devotion to the exercise.”

-Maria Montessori

Our Goals

To enter a partnership with parents in the education of their children.

To help children develop self-confidence.

To spark in our children wonder, imagination, and joy.

To lead children toward mastery of individually identified intellectual, social, physical, and daily life skills.

To assist each child in developing a habit of concentration.

To foster in the children deep and persistent curiosity that will lead to lifelong pursuit of knowledge.

To instill in each child a sense of personal
responsibility for the world in which we live.

What is Montessori?

Montessori education builds a child’s capability to become a fulfilled and productive adult
able to contribute to the world – at home, at work, and in their community. Maria
Montessori’s observation of human development from birth to adulthood led to an education approach that supports children’s natural development, providing the skills and support to reach their full potential in life. With a strong emotional, behavioral, and moral foundation, children become motivated, active, and independent learners who are prepared for the real world.

Our Mission

Using the Montessori Method to close the opportunity gap while fostering a lifetime love of
learning and cultivating independence among South Pacific Zone school children.